Basil Sabbak Photo

Basil Sabbak Esq. is a real estate agent with The Sarubbi Group Palm Beach who possesses a breadth of knowledge and expertise in real property matters.  Prior to joining The Sarubbi Group Palm Beach, Basil was a commercial litigator for a number of years involved in everything from premises liability litigation to real estate litigation. Basil represented his clients in mortgage disputes, construction defect matters, title disputes, and condominium and homeowner’s association disputes.  Always dedicated to his client’s best interests, Basil is a zealous advocate for his clients. After years of litigation and knowing the difference proper representation can make, Basil transitioned to being real estate agent committed to provide stellar representation in the purchase and sale of real property.

Basil received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois and his juris doctorate from Florida State University. Prior to his career in law, Basil worked for the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation as well as the Florida Housing Finance Corporation. Basil brings a unique and desirable set of skills to representing his clients. Basil believes that one of the most important parts of representation is understanding the rules of the game. When you are well versed on what can and cannot be done, you are in the best position to act properly and avoid other’s attempts to overreach.

Basil grew up in the Chicagoland area spending his high school and college summers as a laborer at various landscaping and construction companies. When he isn’t working, Basil likes to spend time with his wife and their goldendoodle and goberian. Basil is also passionate about health and fitness and can often be found swinging kettlebells or grilling salmon.